Amazon Smile

We are an approved organization for the Amazon Smiles program! Each time you make a purchase through Amazon Smiles, a percentage of that purchase is donated to us! Do you have Amazon Prime? You can still use Amazon Smile and utilize your Prime membership. It's a win-win!


Woof Trax 

Woof Trax is an app you can download on your smartphone that keeps track of when you walk with your dog. Each time you walk, you can walk for a cause. By selecting Animal Birth Control, the money you earn by walking with your dog gets donated to us! We receive their donation twice a year, so check back next month to see what you earned for us!


Bissell's Partners for Pets

Need a new shampooer? Vaccum? Check out     If you select an eligible product, and enter the code ADOPT when you check out, select Animal Birth Control in Clinton, Iowa! We get a donation off your purchase. 


Spay It Forward

Animal Birth Control has helped spay or neuter over 10,000 animals since founded in 1986. The organization survives off grant money, private donations, and co-pays. Each co-pay helps our grant money go a little farther, so ABC can help more families spay or neuter their pets. Sometimes, families are experiencing a hardship and cannot pay a co-pay at the time, and agree to make payments as they are able. This is where you come in...

You can "Spay It Forward" by donating a copay so a family who needs it can get their pet spayed or neutered with no co-pay to ABC (veterinary clinic fees may apply if vaccinations or additional services were requested). To see our current co-pay listing, click here. If you would like to donate a co-pay, you can do so by clicking the "donate" button at the top right side of your screen. Just make a note in the comments that it is a "Spay It Forward" donation. Don't want to donate an entire co-pay amount? No problem! Just donate any amount you would like, and make a note in the comments that it is a partial "Spay It Forward" donation. 


***Co-pays may change as grant money becomes available, and as dictated how it is to be factored to help each family. Each donation will help us supplement grant money (if available), lowering co-pay amounts, and ultimately allowing Animal Birth Control to assist more families***