Animal Birth Control is a 501(c)(3) private non-profit that was founded by Judy May in August of 1986 when she witnessed firsthand the problem of unwanted pets while she volunteered at a local shelter. She saw a large number of animals being brought into the shelter because they were no longer wanted or their owners could no longer afford to care for them, or no longer had time for them.


Since incorporation in 1986, ABC has saved over 10,000 lives by preventing unwanted litters. Many of the families that come forward for assistance have no other financial means to alter their pets. ABC has also assisted hundreds of people spay or neuter their feral, barn, or community cat colonies to prevent the overpopulation of outdoor cats. 


At this time, we are unable to continue providing assistance. If you have contacted us before 9/1/2021 and paid a co-pay, please contact us at 563-249-6884 for further assistance. 

There are other organizations providing various services to low-income families. Please contact them directly with any questions.